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Belgium FL


Universiteit Antwerpen 
Winner at Vlajo competition

Velusta stands for safety, security and passion for cycling! Velusta wants to contribute to cycling through its protective patch against deep abrasions.



Belgium FR


HEPH Condorcet de Ath
Winner at LJE competition

Ward off pests, enrich the soil & avoid plastic without moving a mussel (we do that for you!). Biodegradable ”plant-able” pots crafted from recycled shells. The Belgian Students in Agronomy present : "So'mussel".



Kale Nyabo

Business Academy Aarhus
Winner at Fonden for Entreprenørskab competition

Kale Nyabo is a social entrepreneurship startup aiming to assist underprivileged single-mom entrepreneurs from Uganda to gain a steady income by connecting them to online markets that they currently don’t have access to. 50% of the profits from the online sales is invested in school feels for underprivileged children in Uganda.




University of Tartu
Winner at Kaleidoskoop Finals

CarZam is a device that detects car problems by sound! It is installed under the hood and real-time sound analyzing makes it possible to detect an error as soon as it occurs. If an error is found, it notifies the driver about the problem through the mobile application. Carzam – find your car problems on the fly!


University of Turku
Winner at NY Startup Competition

Media companies are flooded with thousands of press releases and bulletins daily. As most of the incoming mail is useless junk, sorting, evaluating and searching the messages for newsworthy content is time-consuming and tedious manual work. automates the classification and rating of incoming press releases by utilizing machine learning. This streamlines separating newsworthy content from useless mail and enables journalists to focus on creating valuable content.



Lycée hôtelier Alexandre Dumas, ILLKIRCH
Winner at EPA France competition

Cook Me Up is a french concept of restaurant following the guideline « 1 Product, 3 Cookings, 1000 Flavors ». We provide a personalized and unique culinary experience by proving that healthy is rhyming with tasty. Next to that, we bring an innovative touch into the catering industry by proposing a mobile application, the « Click & Sit » that allows to save time and increase the pleasure of our guests by deleting the waiting time at the restaurant.



Athens University of Economics and Business
Winner at SEN JA Greece Competition

Internet of Things offers a unique innovative technology to solve the
need of real time tracking and ensure transport conditions of cargo containers in supply chain, by developing an infrastructure receiving data from sensors and exporting analytics having full control over transportation.




BA School of Business and Finance, Riga, Latvia
Winner at JA Latvia Competition

PLŪKT produces premium hand picked herbal tea collected in wildlife Northern meadows and forests. First in Baltics to present “Nordic Black Tea” and “Nordic Green Tea” made of local herbs and filled in pyramid tea bags. It is served in uniquely designed packaging reflecting the nature of Latvia, herbarium and witty descriptions. PLŪKT offers 11 tea sorts, 2 mixed flower teas, “Nordic Green Tea” and “Nordic Black Tea”. PLŪKT promotes sustainability by offering customers to repeatedly fill the tea.




Ecole de Commerce et de Gestion Luxembourg
Winner at Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg competition

Picto is a social project to facilitate communication for people with Autism Syndrome. The goal is to replace physical pictograms with a simplified application.



Saint Martin's Institute of Higher Education Malta
Winner at JA-YE Malta competition

Celuna is the go-to app for students who are seeking to improve their time management skills in an enjoyable and interactive way. Through gamification, Celuna is capable of motivating you to reach your full potential. Get helpful, positive tips from fellow students from our trusted global community and watch your school grades reach new heights. Gone are the days of procrastination to cope with deadlines and studies.




Hogeschool Inholland Alkmaar
Winner at Jong Ondernemen competition.

Vogelvrij develops, produces and sells the LandLaser 360. The LandLaser 360 chases birds from the agricultural landscape by means of a laser with a range of 360 degrees. This product responds to the growing problem of a increasing geese population that causes enormous damage to the crops of farmers.





Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge
Winner at Ungt Entreprenørskap competition

EasyZeek was a student – now limited company built up by six engineering students from Norway.  Our main mission is to make the everyday life easier for craftsmen. Either you’re an electrician, carpenter, plumber or just a regular handyman, our tool will revolutionize your way of work.
EasyZeek develops a compact, wireless “search- tool” for location of objects of interest, hidden behind mounted wall and roof- panels. The only requirement is that you, as the craftsman or handyman, place a passive technological sticker onto selected objects – before the wall/roof is closed. The combination of our search tool and the passive technological sticker is unique and revolutionary. Our product decreases waste, it’s documented more efficient than the “regular” way, it’s environmentally friendly, it’s future designed -with possibilities for cloud information storage and most important of all; it’s EASY to use! Checkout our videos for a visual confirmation!



Baby Sisters

Universidade de Évora
Winner at JA Portugal competition

Baby Sisters wants to become a Babysitting Booking Platform in real time that match the best babysitter to the needs of each family.
How? Using a filtering algorithm that takes into account all the details from the parents and the babysitter. 
We already have 11 partners, 100 customers and 65 babysitters and our vision is to become the best platform certified for babysitting.




Universitatea Tehnica din Cluj-Napoca
Winner at JA Romania competition

BEaTech developed an on-line recruitment platform, dedicated to IT. The business aims to simplify and streamline the entire recruitment process, at all stages of the selection of candidates, all the processes being implemented directly on the platform.




Universidad de Málaga
Winner at JA España competition

Each year, in Spain 2 mill. tons of plastic end up in the landfills, emitting more than 11 mill. tons of CO2eq, and also polluting our environment.

Biofy solves this problem turning plastic waste into low sulphur fuel oil, a fuel already used in industry, agriculture, boats and even electricity generation. This method saves 2.5 tons of CO2eq for each ton of plastic treated at a more stable price as it is made on national territory.


United Kingdom


Truro & Penwith College
Winner at Young Enterprise competition

Cornish Essence delivers visually and aromatically pleasing air fresheners, inspired by Cornwall’s exquisite character and themed by its bloom, coast, heritage and landscape. We aim to decorate and rejuvenate vehicles across Cornwall, England and beyond… through the sale of Cornish Essence car air fresheners.







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