Alumni Leadership Award

The Alumni Leadership Award is awarded to individuals, who demonstrate outstanding leadership skills, which impact their team and the JA company. With this award, JA Alumni Europe wishes to recognise and honour the personal strength of the individuals in a successful team.

Furthermore, the award aims to bring renewed attention and visibility to the alumni network and the importance of sustaining the passion for entrepreneurship, and staying connected, even after a JA Europe programme has come to an end.

Award Criteria 

Three former participants and current board members of JA Alumni Europe will make up the jury and evaluate all participants individually based on their:

• Leadership skills

• Role-model behaviour

• Team solidarity

• Enthusiasm, also known as alumni spirit

After an initial selection, approximately 20 achievers will be selected and interviewed.


Meet the Jury

Matěj Kapošváry, Vice-President JA Alumni Europe

Mikkel Karulf, International coordinator, JA Alumni Denmark

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