• JA Europe “Enterprise of the Year” Award:

    JA Europe “Enterprise of the Year” Award:

    The jury will assess the value each start-up is creating and its potential to grow. The jury will choose the winners based on the industry specialization, expertise and experience of the members.

  • JA Europe Signature Awards

    JA Europe Signature Awards

    Each year JA Europe gathers distinguished partners to help select some of the best Start Up during the competition. Each award is deliberated on by a special Signature Award Jury.

  • Local Signature Awards

    Local Signature Awards

    Each year our local host coordinates incredible partners to help choose some of the best Start Up. These awards are decided upon by a special Local Signature Jury. Learn more...

  • Alumni Leadership Award

    Alumni Leadership Award

    The Alumni Leadership Award is awarded to individuals, who demonstrate outstanding leadership skills, which impact their team and the JA company. With this award, JA Alumni Europe wishes to recognise and honour the personal strength of the individuals in a successful team.

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