JA Europe “Enterprise of the Year” Award

The jury will assess the value each start-up is creating and its potential to grow.


The competition includes the following stages:


1. Start-up Pitch Deck
2. Pitch & Jury Interview
3. On-Stage Presentation


The jury of JA Europe “Enterprise of the Year” Awards 2018 will nominate Winners - 2nd place and 3rd place

Read more about the award & how your team can qualify for it: JA Europe “Enterprise of the Year” Award



JA Europe Signature Awards

Each year JA Europe gathers distinguished partners to help select some of the best Start Up during the competition. Each award is deliberated on by a special Signature Award Jury.


AvanadeAvanade Digital Innovation Award

The Avanade Digital Innovation Signature Award will recognize the young entrepreneurs who were best able to put their digital skills into practice to conceive an innovative business idea or concept. In addition to having an excellent business plan the start-ups will be judged on their ability to demonstrate the most creative use of digital innovations such as, mobility, collaboration tools, cloud-based technology, machine learning, artificial intelligent, Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain, in their products or services.

Award Prize€1,000 and the opportunity to meet and engage with Avanade Senior executives over breakfast on the 27th of June, and in a roundtable at the Avanade London Headquarters followed by dinner

Read more about the award & how your team can qualify for it: Avanade Digital Innovation Award



Visa Digital Commerce Everywhere Award

Digital technologies have enabled individuals to connect to the global network, and with the growth of mobile devices we are only a tap away from streaming the latest content or ordering products from the other side of the world. At Visa we see this more than ever, as digital payments continue to drive innovation around the world.

Award Prize: €1,000 and a one-day session in Visa’s Innovation Centre in London in the fall 2019

Read more about the award & how your team can qualify for it: Visa Digital Commerce Everywhere Award



Local Signature Award

Each year our local host coordinates incredible partners to help choose some of the best Start Up. These awards are decided upon by a special Local Signature Jury.

Accenture Meaningful Innovation Youth Award

How do you improve the way people live and work? We ask ourselves this question every day - to innovate not just for innovation’s sake, but to add real value to people’s lives. Accenture is helping the world’s biggest companies solve their most complex challenges.

Award Prize: €1,000 and mentoring & coaching from Accenture executive + invitations to select Accenture activities and events

Read more about the award & how your team can qualify for it: Accenture Meaningful Innovation Youth Award

Alumni Leadership Award

Alumni Leadership Award


The Alumni Leadership Award is awarded to individuals, who demonstrate outstanding leadership skills, which impact their team and the JA company. With this award, JA Alumni Europe wishes to recognise and honour the personal strength of the individuals in a successful team.



Read more about the award: Alumni Leadership Award

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