The 2017 JA Europe Enterprise Challenge will take you up North, to the capital of Finland, Helsinki.



Junior Achievement Finland is proud to be your host for the JA Europe Enterprise Challenge 2017. This year is a big one in Finland. Our country is turning 100 years and we are thrilled to have Europe’s elite start up competition in Helsinki.
The competition is an excellent opportunity to network with people around Europe – remember to take advantage of that!
The JA Start Up Programme is booming in Finland and the best way to celebrate that is to organize the European competition. EEC will gather the future makers of Europe together so this is something you don’t want to miss.
We welcome you to the North.
See you in the summer!

Virpi Utriainen
CEO, Junior Achievement Finland


Finland in a nutshell


  • Population: 5.4 million, 18.1 inhabitants per km² ( 46.6 per square mile)
  • Our life expectancy: 78 for men and 84 for women
  • Languages: Official languages are Finnish (spoken by 88.9%) and Swedish (5.3%). Sámi is the mother tongue of about 1,900 people, members of the indigenous Sámi people of northern Lapland.

State & Economy

  • Key features: High standard of education, social security and healthcare, all financed by the state
  • GDP per capita: 37,559 euros (2014)
  • Currency unit: Euro

Geography & Climate

  • Area: 338,440 km², the fifth-largest country in Western Europe
  • Greatest length from north to south: 1,157 km
  • Greatest width from east to west: 542 km
  • Capital: Helsinki (1.4 million inhabitants in metropolitan area)
  • Climate: Great contrasts – cold winters and fairly warm summers (2014 extremes: coldest day in Utsjoki -40.7 C/, warmest day in Pori 32.8 C)


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